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Soft-trim material supports intelligent mobility

Soft-trim material supports intelligent mobility


Soft-trim material from Benecke-Kaliko is helping to turn concept vehicles into more comfortable and eco friendly form of transport. A current example is the new e-Bee from Visteon, which was presented recently at the Electronica trade fair in Munich. For the interior of the vehicle, the company employed Acella Eco natural from Benecke-Kaliko, which thanks to its components is eco-friendly and at the same time makes the seat surfaces more comfortable. The material, with its high portion of regenerative raw materials is also used in the experimental vehicle from Continental, a mass-produced vehicle modified as an electric car featuring some 40 Continental systems. With its specially-developed greenish-blue color and embossing pattern similar to a computer circuit board, Acella Eco natural optically suits the electric vehicle well while at the same time making it more environmentally friendly.

Acella Eco natural benefits people, the environment, and the climate alike: Up to half of this material is made using renewable raw materials, thereby protecting scarce resources. Its environmental life cycle assessment is 14% better than that of standard cover materials. It also meets the ?ko-Tex Standard 100.


Acella Eco natural is completely free of allergens, thus guaranteeing all vehicle occupants – and especially those with sensitive skin and allergies – healthy-feeling skin. The soft trim’s advantages are particularly noticeable on hot summer days, when more skin is exposed because motorists and passengers tend to be more lightly dressed. Transpiration can then trigger increased transfer of substances to the skin. To prevent these substances from causing irritations to the body and skin, Benecke-Kaliko refrains from using antimony and heavy metals that can potentially be hazardous to health in all Acella Eco products. The materials are low in emissions and odor, ensuring good interior air quality and protection of the environment. Acella? Eco is the absolute forerunner in this regard as all solvents and emissions-related softener systems are reduced to an absolute minimum. In keeping with the respective demands of customers, the resulting VOC (volatile organic compound) values undercut the limits defined for seat applications by American and European OEMs.

Concept vehicles like the e-Bee from Visteon or the electric experimental vehicle from Continental give an insight into the mobility of the future and reveal new ways of using vehicles. And with Acella Eco natural, Benecke-Kaliko will ensure that occupants of the car of the future not only enjoy a clear conscience but true comfort as well.

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