Home News Sona Comstar partners with IRP to produce electric 2W, 3W powertrain

Sona Comstar partners with IRP to produce electric 2W, 3W powertrain

Sona Comstar partners with IRP to produce electric 2W, 3W powertrain

New Delhi

International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Technology (iCreate) announced
the partnership between Sona Comstar and IRP Nexus Group Ltd (IRP) to invent,
manufacture and market a new powertrain globally.

The automotive
component maker and electric powertrain solutions provider will collaborate to
conceive, design, prototype, and manufacture the powertrain (motor +
controller). The powertrain project aims to create an innovative
motor-plus-controller combination that does not use rare earth elements like
neodymium. The powertrain for electric two and three-wheelers will be a highly
efficient one that is cost-effective and magnet-less.

IRP will license
its technology to Sona Comstar for manufacturing the system exclusively in
India, expecting to start mass production in 2023.

iCreate has
initiated an iEV Powertrain Project with the objective of Indian companies
creating and owning futuristic technology, going beyond merely licensing and

Both companies
expressed their excitement about this partnership. Moran Price, co-founder CEO,
IRP Systems, said that IRP’s technology ensures cleaner air, an
environment-friendly production process and responsible use of natural
resources. Kiran Deshmukh, CTO, Sona Comstar, added that this environmentally
compatible partnership will help India reduce its dependence on imports of
critical raw materials.

The fast-growing
global EV market is looking to diversify supply
chains and mitigate risk stemming from dependency on limited and unreliable

Source – ET Auto

Image Source: Sona Comstar Website 

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