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Su-Kam launches automotive batteries

Su-Kam launches automotive batteries


Su-Kam Power Systems has entered into the automotive battery space by launching Su-Kam Automate automotive battery. Automate was extensively tested in the markets of South India, and is being launched in India in a phased manner, starting with the western regional markets including Mumbai. Available in different capacities, Automate is suitable for different vehicle types – be it hatchbacks, sedans,SUVs, trucks, buses or tractors. Automate is available nationally through Su-Kam’s extensive dealer network.The product, backed by a strong inhouseR&D, is in line with Su-Kam’s efforts to design customised solutions for specific niche market needs. Speaking on the launch of this new range of product, Mr. S. B. Ganguly, Board of Director at Su-Kam (Ex-Director – Exide Industries) said,”With the launch of the Automate, we have now entered the Automotive battery segment. With our best in class technology, products and after sales service, we are confident that we shall be occupying a substantial market share in the Automotive battery segment soon. Backed by technological innovations, our range of Automotive batteries have been designed to ensure that the vehicle runs smoothly despite rough terrains or extreme weather conditions.” Available across a network of 15000 dealers and distributors, the Automate is specially designed to handle the vehicles’ power needs in any possible condition. Su-Kam Automate is powered by the All Weather Technology (AWT), a unique feature that ensures reliable performance for the vehicle in all terrains and weather conditions. Excessive heat and over charging are the two main reasons for shortening battery life of our vehicles; Backed by the All Weather Technology (AWT) Su-Kam Automate ensures superior performance even in the most demanding conditions. Automateis sure to deliver superior power throughout its entire life span, thus making it the right choice for every vehicle owner.

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