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Suhner Four new compact pneumatic grinders

Suhner  Four new compact pneumatic grinders

Specialists in significant
value creation

With four new pneumatic
grinders, Suhner Abrasive expert is presenting a set of particularly
lightweight, quiet, and handy tools. They are the optimal combination of ergonomics
and performance. They are designed primarily for machine building, tool and
mould making, aircraft construction, astronautics, automotive manufacture, and

These compact tools feature
an exhaust air duct directed backwards, an integrated silencer, and a safety
lever valve. Only 30 mm in diameter, the tools are a delight to use for fine
work. A flexible bearing reduces vibrations to a minimum. The air consumption
is between 0.2 and 0.8 m3/min.

User friendly – speeds and


The 250 W straight grinder
LSB 25 H weighs only 380 g and measures a handy 198 mm in length. Operating at
25,000 rpm, it is ideal for carbide cutters and formed abrasives. This unites
precision with powerful material removal. 

Operating at 4500 rpm, the
angle grinder LWB 4 is the right tool for powerful, low speed cutting on
materials like aluminium and fibre composites.

Low speed work is also the
domain of the heavy duty angle grinder LPB 4 with ?” thread. The unusually low
angled head lends this tool extraordinary manoeuvrability.

The 350 W long neck straight
grinder LLC 35 specialises in work on sites that are hard to access. Its power
and its speed of 35,000 rpm make it ideal for applications with carbide


Details that have stood
the test of time

The machines are delivered as
standard with chucks (6 mm diameter, 11 mm A/F, 14 mm A/F), air supply hose,
and exhaust air hose. The LPB 4 angle grinder features a ?” spindle instead of
the chuck. The models

LPB 4, LWB 4, and LSB 25 are
fitted with a centrifugal governor for a c
onstant working speed even
under load.


Diverse machining operations
are possible with the wide choice of abrasives like carbide cutters, formed
abrasives, grinding sleeves, cartridge rolls, wire brushes, shaped polishing
agents, and components from the SUN-fix grinding system.

Demo service directly on

Users can benefit from the
mobile demo services provided by Suhner. This offers interested parties expert
advice free of charge from experienced field workers. The demo services vehicle
carries all of the usual tools, attachments, and abrasives that can be used to
realise individual end to end solutions for actual workpieces and to optimise
the added value.

(Suhner India Pvt Ltd,
Bangalore. Tel: 080-27831108, 08110-329855. Mobile: 099723-00935. Fax:


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