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Suhner hits century, going strong

Suhner hits century, going strong

Established in 1914, Suhner looks back at a journey that marks precision, reliability and innovative solutions.

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Suhner turned 100-year old in 2014, presenting itself an opportunity to turn back and look at a journey towards precision. Quite clearly, components made by Suhner optimise industrial products and production processes precisely and reliably. Since the beginning, the company has been powered by innovation and quality. It has been focusing on custom solutions, quality, and precision ever since. Setting up a factory for flexible shafts 100 years ago, Gottlieb Suhner set up his company’s course into the future. His vision has given rise to successful activities on innovative, high tech fronts. As an internationally acclaimed specialist and provider of cost effective and efficient solutions for surface treatment, automation, and engineering components, Suhner is setting quality standards all over the world. With the third generation leading the company, Otto H Suhner, Managing Director and CEO, is particularly proud of the performance and experience of the employees of his company. Suhner employs 760 people the world over, and is committed to the cause of custom solutions. Otto H Suhner is of the opinion that the company is large enough to show its strength, yet not so large that it sacrifices its flexibility and human qualities. The company masters the balancing act between international price pressures and innovative market leadership.

As of present, the automotive, aerospace, machine building, and other sectors are benefiting greatly from Suhner’s business lines – power tools and abrasives, drive elements for automotive, aviation and production and automation, punching and bending technologies, and machining units. A specialist in efficiency and ergonomic grinding solutions, at Suhner, quality is not a matter of course, it is the outcome of many years of experience and a continuous improvement process. Highly motivated employees are an asset. As specialists in their respective fields, they know that satisfied customers are not the result of high gloss brochures, but of resourceful on-site solutions in conjunction with inventiveness and practical engineering experience. The branch managers at the twelve Suhner locations all over the world know the local markets and mindsets. Innovation, specialisation, and custom diversification take the form of a constant stream of ergonomic, powerful, and robust power or pneumatic tools and flexible shaft machines designed specifically for aluminium, stainless steel, mould making, aircraft maintenance, and stone working. This high tech portfolio is rounded off by a range of high efficiency abrasives and a programme of practical training courses and seminars. Yet cost effectiveness and efficiency never lose their prominent position. A new webshop for grinders and abrasives will soon be supplementing the wide range of services provided by this family powerhouse of ideas.

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