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Talking to Kamlesh Chauhan
Partner, Unisoft Peripherals

Talking to Kamlesh ChauhanPartner, Unisoft Peripherals

Unisoft Peripherals started as a small enterprise in 2006. It grew to expand its business portfolio to include products for various industries. Catering to numerous industrial sectors, Unisoft Peripherals also deals in automotive products and services. In an interview to Huned Contractor, Kamlesh Chauhan shared the journey of his company, and his vision for the future.

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Could you provide a background about how and when Unisoft Peripherals was established?

Unisoft Peripherals was established in 2006. It was set up as a small enterprise on the basis of the experience I gathered in various fields over eleven years. Unisoft Peripherals was set up as a small and efficient company that could address the software and hardware (IT) needs of various sectors. We as a company experienced good growth. With an eye on growth, and the lure of new opportunities, we decided to enter into the industrial sectors including automotive. We saw an opportunity to grow in the automotive sector especially. It was a sector that was recording good growth. It was a sector that offered plenty of opportunities.

What are the products that you offer to the automotive industry?

Unisoft Peripherals offers a good number of products to the automotive industry. The company offers engine parts, suspension parts, sheet metal components, and fuel injection system parts. These are aimed at the aftermarket.

Has the development of Gujarat as an auto hub made a positive impact for your company?

Yes. The emergence of Gujarat as an automotive hub has made a big impact. We have come to experience that a wide range of suppliers from different states come to Gujarat. They come looking to source parts; to fulfil their requirements, which are often diverse in nature.

With Maruti Suzuki and Ford India setting up their plants in Gujarat, do you expect good growth in the coming years?

Yes. We expect good growth with these two major automotive manufacturers setting up a plant in Gujarat. Their arrival adds to the existing automotive industry in Gujarat. Manufacturers like GM, Tata Motors, AMW, Atul Auto, etc. As far as Maruti Suzuki and Ford India are concerned, both the automotive manufacturers enjoy high sales volumes. Both the companies are technologically strong, and capable. Their operations in the state will create new R&D opportunities; opportunities for development of new automobiles, parts and technologies; and technologies that lead to fuel savings.

Are you planning to introduce any new products?

No. We do not have any plans to introduce new products as of current. The parts that we offer are well received by the industry.

What kind of R&D does your company do for automotive products?

Currently we do not have an R&D set-up. We are however looking at having one.

What about exports and geographical expansion within India?

We deal mainly into the aftermarket. We also deal in the aftermarkets overseas. In emerging markets abroad as well as advanced markets. Products from Gujarat carry the image of being high quality products at reasonable prices. Considering Gujarat’s ability to produce high quality products at low cost is its USP. We export products to Far East Asian markets. To UAE, UK, USA and African countries.

What is your expansion and growth strategy for the next five years?

Our emphasis is to maintain the high quality of our products. Our growth strategy therefore revolves around the premise of high quality at reasonable cost. This, we feel, will also ensure us steady growth. For the next five years, we don’t see any drastic changes in the current strategy for growth.

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