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Truebil launches TrueScore

Truebil launches TrueScore

While you have decided to purchase your first used car, how do you ensure that you are making a smart choice? The motive is to zero in on a decently performing car that fits well within your budget, without bearing any additional maintenance, warranty and other operating costs. The act of matching your financial and mechanical needs can pose a real challenge while planning to buy a used car. Thus, in order to give a customer fair idea about the condition of a used car, Truebil, India’s only curated, authentic and verified virtual marketplace for pre-owned cars has launched TrueScore. The efficient rating meter takes into account several factors, including the price and history of the car before listing the vehicle for sale.

Every car put up on the Truebil website is given a rating between 0 and 5, which helps a customer to make a more cautious decision. The rating is calculated based on the factors such as age, mileage, number of previous owners, the condition of the car (stratified into the exterior, interior, engine, driving experience and tyres), the post-purchase cost burden (condition and insurance status)and the price of the car. As per the numeric index, higher the rating of the vehicle, better the condition of the car. For instance, if there are two or more cars of the same brand put up for sale, then TrueScore with its advanced rating system will help a customer in taking the final call.

Commenting on the efficient rating system, Shubh Bansal, Co-founder and Chief of Marketing, Truebil, said, “A customer is always apprehensive about his decision to buy a second-hand vehicle. There are customers who end up paying more money without identifying the shortcomings in a used car. With TrueScrore, an honest rating is submitted so that every buyer is able to make the right decision and enjoy his ride for the longest possible time. This stands testimony to the intensive assessment done by the Truebil team for every used car on our website. Through this rating meter,we eventually aim to attract every buyer looking for authentic and trusted services in the used car segment and emerge as the most trusted portal for used car segment in the automobile space.“

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