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We add new facilities with sustainability in mind

We add new facilities with sustainability in mind

With global scenario changing and shifting towards greener plant or factory operations, the government has conducted some significant policy reforms to reduce carbon di oxide emissions (CO2). But with the products and plant operations will not be enough to bring down emissions. George Cesar, Manager-Corporate Marketing & Public Relations, Europe and Asia, Borgwarner, in an email interaction with Pushkar Oak delves into how supply chain can be an effective tool to make entire value chain more greener.

What sustainable practices have been adopted by BorgWarner and in its supply chain?

At BorgWarner, sustainability
starts with our products and continues
in our operations. We strive to ensure
we have safe and environmentally friendly engineering and manufacturing centers, believe in continuous improvement and have set specific measurable goals to improve in many aspects of our operations including energy usage, emissions, water consumption and waste reduction/recycling. As our business grows, we add new facilities with sustainability in mind, while we invest in updating more mature facilities in order to meet our goals. We strogly believe that running efficient/ sustainable operations are good for the environment are also good for business.

Engaging our supply chain in
the implementation of sustainable materials and processes for products
and people is one of the responsibilities of our Global Supply Management team. Working within and across businesses we require our suppliers to commit to the same sustainable principles we follow within our company. We provide avenues for free sustaina-bility training for our suppliers so we can be confident that suppliers understand the commit-ments they are making when they agree to be a supplier to BorgWarner.

Through innovation in combustion, hybrid and electric propulsion systems, we make vehicles around the world more environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

Tell us about new developments happening in making automobiles greener?

We believe a clean, energy-efficient world is achievable through a variety of propulsion systems solutions specifically engineered to improve efficiency. Our innovations are already helping drivers around the world travel farther using less energy and emitting fewer emissions. As the mobility industry evolves, we are uniquely positioned to deliver propulsion solutions that protect the environment and improve the world we live in. BorgWarner offers an extensive range of products that will power cleaner and more energy-efficient vehicles of the future, regardless of the propulsion system used. Our key technologies feature for example battery technology, integrated drive modules, hybrid modules, electric motors, exhaust gas recirculation and highly efficient turbocharger technology.

How well will low-emission technologies help in bringing down CO2 emissions?

BorgWarner has built its extensive product portfolio to position the company as propulsion system neutral and best keep pace with the reforms, emission regulations and new market expectations. The company’s latest solutions help customers bring down CO2 emissions and therefore to comply with emission standards such as BS-VI and CAFE regulations.

When can India see complete Electric Vehicle (EV) transition?

Currently, we can say that the
volume is not there for hybrids and electric vehicles. But our manufacturing strategy is to always be close to the customers, so we will be there and offering hybrid and electric vehicle technologies in India as soon as the market progresses.

How crucial will be supplier’s role?

We strongly believe we can make a significant contribution to the drive towards more environmentally friendly and modern mobility. We use the experience and know-how gained from adhering to strict emission standards all over the world. BorgWarner’s technologies are specifically engineered to help automakers improve fuel economy, emissions and performance.

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