Home Interviews We aim at doing big in the automotive industry.

We aim at doing big in the automotive industry.

We aim at doing big in the automotive industry.

Automotive sector will be one of the significant growth drivers for us in the coming decade, says Kunwer Sachdev, Managing Director,
Su-Kam Power Systems Ltd.

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How do you visualise the current domestic market for batteries?

We are currently working on re-establishing our brand in terms of automotive industry segment. We aim at the aftermarket and currently don’t want to aim at the OEM business until we establish a strong hold with the direct aftermarket.

What will be the significant growth drivers of this business, during the next decade?

The significant growth drivers will be solar and automotive for us for the coming decade. So we would like to focus on marketing our products in these segments. In the upcoming new range of technologies, we are updating our inverters with Bluetooth technology and wifi and touchscreen enabling.

What is your assessment of the future of special batteries required for hybrid vehicles?

In India, especially with the environment norms, this industry will have a boom very soon. It only depends on how fast the population decides to adapt or the government decides to enforce the vehicles upon citizens through incentives or rules. Either way, it has to be the future thought for us, as we too feel the need of saving the environment.

There has been a lot of talk about going green. What are your initiatives in this direction for your product designs and manufacturing methodology?

The way we are going with solar, we are ensuring that our technology is as accurate as possible in terms of defining savings and environmental impacts. Even in the common mass products that we are developing, we are trying to integrate display features that are able to tell the customer what is the difference they have created in the environment and their house in terms of savings.

Give us a brief on your product range and market sectors you are dealing with.
Our products are being used in automotive, solar street lighting lithium ion, solar grid interactive, and off-grid and on-grid integrated in one product.

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What is your company’s vision 2020? What are planned milestones for realising the same?

We aim at doing big in the automotive industry, and in the future approaching the OEM business of course.

What percentage of your produce is exported and to which regions?

We export to more than 70 countries and more than 20 per cent of our total turnover is generated from exports. Thus, export market is signifying the growth potential in much bigger ways than ever, especially due to more acceptances from foreign markets for newly developed products. We are exporting to Syria in large scale currently since the crisis over there has had a huge power shortage, and our products are able to help out over there.

Is there any differentiation between domestic supplies and exports in terms of quality, specifications and technology?

There are only minor changes in specifications in terms of what the law needs to be modified for exports. Other than that our products are produced in a consistent way domestically and internationally.

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