Home News Solvay launches heat-stabilised polyamide for automotive applications

Solvay launches heat-stabilised polyamide for automotive applications

Solvay launches heat-stabilised polyamide for automotive applications

Lyon, France, November 7, 2017

Solvay Performance Polyamides has launched Technyl Red S, a highly heat-stabilised polyamide material designed especially for automotive applications. The material poses as an ideal solution for turbocharged engine air ducts and coolers, cylinder head covers, or any other part operating at a continuous temperature of 200°C.

“This brand new ‘S’ material further strengthens the proven technology developed for Technyl HP which has equipped over 40 million vehicles made during the last seven years,” says Didier Chomier, Automotive Global Marketing Manager (Busines Unit), Solvay Performance Polyamide. “Technyl Red S provides automotive industry applications with enhanced thermal ageing stability without compromising performance or competitiveness.”

Technyl Red S can withstand a continuous operating temperature of up to 210°C (at 1,000 hours) or 200°C (at 2,000 hours). With its new and innovative formulation, Technyl Red S further improves strong impact and resistance to acid condensates, offers high flowability, superior surface aspect and excellent weldability.

This innovative material is currently being authorised at major automotive tiers. “Technyl Red S is directly resulting from long-lasting intimacy with leading players in thermal management systems,” Chomier adds. “We have also extended our application performance testing (APT) centres to conduct testing in turbocharged environments, providing our customers with full part performance validation under their own operating conditions.”

Solvay Performance Polyamides supports customers with a complete array of technical services designed to speed the time to market of new applications, from advanced material characterisation to application validation. This offering includes predictive simulation with MMI Technyl Design, 3D printing of PA6-based functional prototypes in Sinterline PA6 powders as well as part testing at fully equipped APT Technyl Validation centers.

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